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ESPRESSOUND 30 minute Sound Bath at lunchtime


18th April, Thursday, 12:30-1pm
Would you like to take a Sound espresso at lunchtime?
Try a relaxing, pleasant, non-sweaty and caffeine-free way to boost your day at lunch time.

ESPRESSOUND is a short, “espresso” version of a sound bath that takes only 30 minutes of your time from its start to the end.
It is a relaxation, meditation experience that has been specifically designed to fit in the middle of your working day. A short, sweet and potent way to rest and recharge, so that you can return to your day refreshed, with a newly found focus and energy.

30 minutes- the session is designed to take only 30 minutes including settling in and going out through the door
Come as you are, bring yourself only - no equipment or change of clothes needed, all necessary equipment is provided at the studio

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